Canoe Livery

Buses leave at the time of your reservation please arrive 15 minutes before your reservation to check in

By Reservation Only
Prices based on 2 people in a canoe.
Additional people are $5.00 per person.

  • 3 Hour trip $35.00 which includes paddles a life jacket/cushion

By Reservation only. 
Only single person kayaks are available

  • 3 Hour trip $30.00 which includes a paddle n life jacket
  • what you reserve is what you will have to pay for so please only reserve what u will actually use
  • a $10.00 deposit on all canoes n kayaks are required deposit will be refunded with a 3 day cancellation notice
  • if we have to retrieve one of the boats you will be charge a fee of $10.00 for each boat retrieved so please be sure to return all boats and equipment to Twin Pines Campgrounds
  • you are required to return all equipment in the same order as you received it if any equipment is damaged or lost you are responsible for any and all repairs or replacements
  • need a paddle or life jacket we have one u can rent
  • paddle $10.00
  • life jacket $3.00
  • cushion $5.00

Have your own canoe or kayak we will ferry for $10.00 per boat by reservations only

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